can't find server :/

i played on this server for 5 days and when the update came out it wiped my history so i can’t find it t was something like Australia/sleepers ive searched for it for awhile now, is there a way i could seach for it or something?

I have the ip of my server saved on my desktop, sure it’s UK2 but i can always directly connect with the console so maybe this might help you in the future

As of getting it right now… I don’t think you can?

alright thanks how can i get the ip for the servers?

Press f1 and connect to the server and copy it when you fully loaded in.
then do net.connect ip

What fd said

f1 to open console
look for line “net.connect ******” <— IP at end

Example of uk2 is

If you want a low pop Aussie server,