Cant find sound in the same addon folder

So I am creating a jukebox, and it cant find the sound. Its in the same addon folder. sound>folder>sound.wav, lua>entities>jukebox>init. I have the dir right, any help is appreciated.

If you want to see code:

EDIT: Im going to try resource.AddFile( “” ) in a autorun lua file see if that does anything EDIT: That did nothing

Instead of “sound/fallout3/falloutwaybackhome.wav”, try removing the sound bit so it says “fallout3/falloutwaybackhome.wav”
Just a guess though. If I’m wrong, please don’t close the thread again like you did with the previous one so someone else can actually try to help
No point having tons of separate threads for one problem when there could just be one

Ill try that, btw I only closed that thread because that was for a different problem. Was I not supposed to? D;

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It worked thnx so much :smiley:

That’s okay! It was just a guess though

Will do thanks :smiley: closing thread