Cant find Spacebuild/Life support 3???

hi im new to this whole gmod thing, i bought it played it once then never touched it then found out about life support and how you can go into space and stuff, so that go me interested.

the problem is though all the links to the newest one, aparently the best, are broken or are really confusing and i cant figure them out. so if some one could post a link or tell me where to go that would be awesome.

i also imagine i need the resource distribution and all that jazz. so please help me out here im desperate.

if you guys do post a link can you also tell me how to extract and install, im pretty fluent in computers but not this LUA stuff( wth is LUA)

and what is SVN?

thanks in advance

thanks for the response…but the second link is part of my problem…how do i download the file and put it into the game…theres no download link and if i keep clicking on the files it just gives me the script for it.

seriously this needs to be easier


k i figured it out i had to download sumtin called tortoise SVN or w/e it allowed me to download the files, but thx for the link i really appretiete it

Sure no problem.

These have been removed for various reasons. Most FP links have been removed.