Can't find the latest version of G-Mod!

Im sorry if you get this a lot, But can someone give me the link to get the latest version of G-mod (Not counting anything which needs an older version of G-Mod already purchased). It would help me a lot and make my life a LOT easier, Thank you.

…The steam store.

I know the steam store but I see 2 Garry’s mods, One is the 9th version (Garry’s mod 9) and the other is just called Garry’s mod, are either of them the latest edition?

Garrys Mod 9 is no longer supported and is probably very very broken. It’s free but it’s no longer being updated and you won’t get any help if you get errors or bug in it.
The one that just says Garry’s Mod is the latest version, you’ll have to buy it if you want support and a working version of the game.

Thanks mate, Ive been looking for the most recent game for AGES

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Btw so Garry’s mod is which one the 13th version? (Garry’s mod 13?)

Yes… it auto updates by default.