Can't find the map

So have been making a level on hl2 ep2 editor when suddenly the best choice was to change it to hl2 editor. So what i did is save the map to a new name.
So then i start open up the hammer editor for hl2 then open the map and press the F9 button to test the map, and while it’s loading to the game it stops at the menu in hl2 with this code:

CModelLoader::Map_IsValid: No such map ‘maps/hl2_sp_1.bsp’
map load failed: hl2_sp_1 not found or invalid


Why would you change it to the old engine? Makes no sense to me.

Because hl2 has more textures and more C17 models then ep2 has.
ep2 doesn’t have the models from C17. So i decided to choose the hl2.

The engine versions are the same now, or they should be since valve updated HL2 & EP1 to OB Source version.

I’ve placed the compiled map from ep2 to the hl2 engine.
I replaced the models with hl2 and still gives me errors.

Wait, you put an ep2 map in hl2?


Well? No help?

BSP formats are different. I don’t think you can use ep2 .bsp in hl2.

Nice leak.

ep2 contains all the models hl2 does, as well as all the ep1 and models ep2 comes with. There is no point in moving back.

Placed them back where it was. It’s all fine now.
I can place combine barricades now.

Its actually a missing skybox texture I think.