cant find the server of my friends

hey, we played 1 week on the server: 001

its a community server. i can find a lot of server but not this one since yesterday. also i cant click on the refresh button since the update. on friend list and history its also not shown.

pls can u help me?

edit: my friends can find the server but not me.
is there a console command to connect to a Server ip?

most likely the server needs updating

well aside from that, the refresh button is broken. could be related. as for the command net.connect

hmm with the net.connect i also cant connect.
is there a refresh command for the console?

my friends can still connect to the server.

ty for your help.

I just solved the issue by letting my friend give me the IP. And then connect pere net.connect [insert-ip]

EDIT: It will show up in the console of your friend while connecting .