Can't fix high stone walls, decay issues

After the update, I can’t fix high stone walls, but I can still fix the stone gate.

The decay on the walls is still a bit mysterious. Stone foundations near the walls have not yet begun to decay, but the walls have. Decay rates seem pretty quick, like they are decaying based on their old, high hit point number, but I’m not sure about that. Also, my base started to decay a couple of days ago as normal, but a 1 x 1 with a tool cupboard I placed several days ago in a remote location hasn’t decayed at all.

Hitting the stone gate is very expensive in stone–100 per whack–while hitting stone walls was only 20, yesterday.

If the devs don’t make the stone walls repairable soon, a lot of bases are going to get a LOT easier to raid in a few hours :slight_smile: