Can't fix iron sights on my custom SWEP.

I tried flipping the view model, but that didnt work.

If your going to tell me to use Clavus’s SWEP Constructor then…


and then, in-game, it ends up like…

please, i need help.

SecondaryAttack swep code plas

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I couldn’t
find it in the lua file.

You do realize that you must code the ironsights system yourself, right? ( If you are not using the swep constructor base or w/e )

On top of that, some dumbass must have pull requested SCK on github or something because now it gives your ironsight angles as Vectors for some goddamn reason. You have to manually change it from “Vector” to “Angle”. Just letting you know in advance.

Ohhhhh, I didn’t realize that, thanks man. :smile: