Cant fix LUA errors on my server.

Hello, I’ve been having trouble with my server. Ever since one of my admins uploaded a bunch of diffrent weapons to my ttt server, it’s given me the annoying “Something Is Creating Script Errors” pop up. It’s not the hard yellow one that stays forever, its the soft grey one that goes away after about 20 seconds. I’ve deleted all my addons, Lua Errors, ive deleted all the weapons. Lua errors. I just cant seem to figure out what’s causing them, is there possibly an addon that could do this? Or maybe a better way to figure it out?

Look at the error in console. The first line of it should say something like /addons/theaddon/lua/luafile.lua. That will tell you exactly which lua file is causing it.

Found it. It was a problem with my resources.lua

It said that AddWorkshop was a nil value, so now… no lua errors. But new users will be getting errors for models, is there a diffrent way to make people download the workshop files?

Run it serverside not clientside

if (SERVER) then
resource.AddWorkshop( “162581348” )
resource.AddWorkshop( “225484795” )
resource.AddWorkshop( “233077820” )
Basically make it look like that.

FacePunch is fucking awesome, thank you. This fixed it. I am so happy, we’ve had this error message for the past few months.