Can't flip objects

I pressed ctrl-l and it flipped, but realised i didnt select one of them so i went back, selected and pressed ctrl-l again. It won’t flip anymore. I restarted hammer and still it doesn’t let me. What the fuck?

Flipping the one brush you missed (I’m assuming it’s rectangular) does flip it but it doesn’t appear to be flipped because the mirror image of a rectangle is the same as the original image. You need to get all of the brushes you want to flip back to their original state, then flip them together. Select the brushes that you did flip and flip them back to their original position. Then select all of the brushes and flip them.

I’m not sure if this is what you want, your post is a little hard to understand.

you could always try Ctrl+m, scale (or tap s), choose which axis you want to flip it on (or tap x, y, or z) and type in -1, hit enter. I’ve never seen it not work.

But still, couldn’t you just take that one object and flip it yourself, then put it where it’s supposed to be?

It is multiple objects