Can't freeze items with Macbook

I can’t freeze items in place with my macbook pro with the physgun. I can right click, but not while holding left click. Is there any way to remedy this?

Get a PC.
Jokes aside.
I am sure there is a console bind for freezing. Just find the console command and bind it to some other key!

I doubt he even knows how to open the console, somebody should make some kind of guide to help the new mac players

Any idea what that command would be?

I know how to use the console.

Get yourself an Apple Magic Mouse.


I know that costs money, but it’s the easiest solution.

Although it CAN be done, I would rather not even use the freeze ability than spend the money.

I can do it just fine on my Macbook, what exactly are you doing?

Get a cheap mouse…

What am I doing as in what.

Macbook Pros come with only one button. Sure, you can right click with it, but not while pressing it to hold down the left mouse button.

Either bind a key to “+attack2” or get a real mouse.

Fine, I just needed the bind key, anyways.

I suppose I should say thanks, but that was kind of a dick way to put it, not that you would care.

Just dont get touchy here…

  1. GMac is a new thing…
  2. Macs have one button
    -Get a 2 button Mouse or bind a key as Jcw87 put it.

Yes, I am going to bind it. That is, until Garry ever (if at all) makes some support for it.

Question. Can you left+right click when not in Gmod? If so then not Garry needs to make support for it, but Apple needs to seperate the buttons! -_-

You can’t do both at the same time. But on the Magic Mouse, which is standard with iMacs and Mac Pros, I think you can. Or if you can’t I’m sure there is a program which will let you because it is a multitouch mouse.

Freezing can’t be done on a trackpad, but plug in any old mouse, and it’ll work just fine.

I beg to differ

just hook up any usb mouse like me.