Cant gent any of my entities to spawn from my gamemode

Yes I have been working a on a gamemode for the past 2 weeks or so and today I started working on a scripted npc. I just cant seem to spawn it. I have tried other entities that I know work but still giving the same error.

They’re in my gamemode gamemode/entities/entities/mp_shop/
Yes I am using the right console command.(ent_create mp_shop)

The error is
“Attempted to create unknown entity type mp_shop”

You didn’t post the error.

Ooops sorry
“Attempted to create unknown entity type mp_shop!”

mp_shop should be a folder containing init.lua and cl_init.lua, not a lua file itself.

You can do it that way, or if you want you can also just have a shared.lua file.

Is the shared file automatically included though? I’ve never seen/made a SENT where it doesn’t say include(‘shared.lua’) at the top of init/cl_init.lua

I didn’t mean to put the .lua at the end one sec. I have cl_init.lua init.lua and shared.lua inside of mp_shop folder.