Cant get an account on garrys!?

I was at this for a few days and i couldnt find anything so i came here. I have been trying to make an accout on garrys by entering my steam stuff and then it said i dont have garrys mod on my account so i went on gmod, went on steam cloud web browser and did it and still couldnt!?!?!

Here is an image of proof that i have it.

Don’t sign your posts. Link to your steam profile?

You still need to post a link to your actual Steam profile. Not to be an ass, but the picture you have provided does not prove anything.

You dont create a account, you log in with steam, make sure your profile is public

How about you fix the link to your profile on the right, and then we’ll have proof. :colbert:

I want proof, post your REAL steam id, the one under your avatar gives an error

Is it just me or does that seem rather fishy… Oh and I googled it and found this

Oh and I’m not saying this isn’t yours, I’m just saying that I found it on google after about 2 minutes of searching

5 posts, removeing all evidence that this is your account, false steam link… you must be a pirate :smugdog:

Owned! Ok lets just close this thread because the pirate can’t clean his room up for 10 dollars from his parents to buy Garry’s Mod.

I think that this is his account:

If that account and that picture link up, he is a pirate. He pirated JC2, and possibly some others.

It all matches up. I’d say bout a 98% chance of him being a pirate

The link to his steam profile is in the side bar, but it’s invalid.

You’ve been caught out, mister Demolition :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t know why the hell people don’t buy it. Only what, £6? R68? But to be honest, there should be other methods to pay.

everything on the picture matches to the profile but since your saying its invalid that’s a definate pirate

Y’arrr this be a pirate.

You get any closer to my boat and ima shoot you