Can't Get Custom Admin Model To Download

Hi, I have skinned and hexed a metrocop model to be used as the admin’s model on my server. The only problem is that it doesn’t download when the you connect to the game. I have set up the sv_downloadurl properly, you can even see how I did it at Any help would be much appreciated.

Are you ports open?

If you are uploading the file to the clients via sv_downloadurl, you have to re-upload your dua cache files to your sv_downloadurl host. If you are doing it via the server trickle method (no sv_downloadurl), you will need aresource.AddFile() script.

So if i want a custom model to download when joining my server i have to make a file like that in my
resource folder?

No, you would make a resource.AddFile script and put it in the lua/autorun directory.