Can't get fastdl to work

I’ve been trying to get fastdl to work for the past few days but I can’t figure it out.

I’ve tried the workshop method and the webhost method which didn’t work either. I’m not sure if i’ve set it up wrong or anything but I just can’t figure it out.
If anyone can suggest a way of doing this it would be much appreciated. If any more information is needed let me know.

How about you show us how you’ve been doing it so far.

Well firstly I set up my webhost and uploaded the content.

I used 000webhost, not sure if that could be the problem or not but heres the link

Then this is my server.cfg

sv_defaultgamemode “darkrp”
sbox_godmode 0
rcon_password “”
sbox_noclip “0”
sbox_godmode “0”
sbox_plpldamage “0”
rp_toolgun “1”
sbox_maxprops “1000”
sbox_maxragdolls “0”
sbox_maxeffects “0”
sbox_maxdynamite “0”
sbox_maxlamps “0”
sbox_maxthrusters “0”
sbox_maxwheels “4”
sbox_maxhoverballs “0”
sbox_maxvehicles “0”
sbox_maxbuttons “20”
sbox_maxemitters “0”
sbox_maxspawners “0”
sbox_maxturrets “0”

sv_downloadurl “
sv_allowdownload “1”
sv_allowupload “1”
net_maxfilesize “64”

you need to make sv_allowdownload 0 not sv_allowdownload 1


your fastdl is not structured correctly you have to put all .bsp files in garrysmod\maps
sounds in garrysmod\sound
Materials in garrysmod\materials
Models in garrysmod\models

do not put lua files in the fastdl
make a folder and copy past all Materials,Sounds,Maps and Models folder in there don’t Worry about the replace files just do it it won’t delete anyfiles its just because it is the same file

I will try this now. Thanks

that alright man I past trough it too

I’m having trouble understanding your edits on your previous posts. First time I’ve tried anything like this.

Edit: I updated with new directories, I think that is what you meant, right?

on the webhost put a folder called garrysmod

then put a folder so that it makles a structure like this


then send all the .bsp maps to the garrysmod/maps folder
you do the same with sound but in garrysmod/sound

If I am extracting models or materials from an addon in to these folders and there is folders already in the addons materials/models folder, do I open those aswell and extract the content?

Edit: My last (hopefully) question, where do I place all of the lua content?


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Okay I’ve done everything you said and it is still displaying as an error for my friends.