Can't get Hammer working for GMod

I’ve configured Hammer for GMod according to the below tutorial:

But I still get a string of errors whenever I make a map, and nothing is visible.

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Also, the only texture I have is of a crazy-looking Rainbow Dash with a red backdrop.

You should ask your question here. This section is for Garry’s Mod programming/engine questions.

Probably better on the mapping forum

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From memory, I usually use TF2’s Hammer and copy paste everything to Garry’s Mod. It seems to work.

For more textures, use VTFEdit, or the existing Garry’s Mod textures Hammer will let you apply if you can get it to work.

Why does the mapping forum not have a stickied, up-to-date tutorial for getting Gmod to work with Hammer?

A good portion of the people in that forum are going to be needing exactly that.

Gmod’s Hammer works out of the box without any configuration required, that’s why.

First result from Google:!

I personally can use it right out of the box. That’s why you should ask your questions in the mapping forum.

Literally second post

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That page has nothing on it

Stop playing life on easy mode, I bet you have aim-assist for urinals too.

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Nevermind, I just found out that there’s a copy of Hammer as part of GMod.
Every tutorial I found said otherwise, except for one which pointed out there being Hammer inside GMod.

Why would you do that though? It’s totally unintuitive.
Every Source game requires Source SDK to develop maps for, except for GMod, which can’t use Source SDK for maps but doesn’t need it.

Source SDK has been deprecated and abandoned for more than half a decade afaik, most Source 2013 (css, hl2, tf2, dods, hl2dm, hls) games ship developer tools with the game itself.

Fixed, Facepunch didn’t include the exclamation mark in the link :stuck_out_tongue: