Cant get inside vehicles/pods

I did a quick search through the forum but there are hundreds of topics and I dont have time to browse them all…

So, like the title says, I cant get into vehicles or pods anymore. Why is that? I was just playing Gmod normally, everything was working, but suddenly in middle of my game I just couldnt access my vehicle anymore… It just makes this stupid sound which means something is preventing me from getting in, but there cant be anything blocking me if this happens with newly spawned vehicles/pods too… It doesnt even seem to be giving any error messages, it just doesnt let me in.

I thought maybe its some random bug and it would be gone the next time I load Gmod, but even tho I restarted my comp its still there. Any ideas?

Do you have RagMod 2? If you disabled it and wnt on the “fast noclip” ytou’ll have to enable it, ragdolize,disable it. It will work until you rach that speed again. Too bad I drag’n’dropped it, can’t uninstall for shit :frowning:

Actually yeah I have the ragmod, I kinda installed it accidently because I was just downloading everything through SVN without checking what each addon does lol… I found it rly annoying that I couldnt go fast with noclip, I just kept ragdolling myself accidently. Maybe I should just try getting rid of the whole mod then.

Tho I admit its kinda funny :stuck_out_tongue:

My experience abouyt RagMod + fast noclip:

1.Build a slide.
2.Fast noclip to the top (and so ragdolling), but the top was in space (yeah, spacebuild) and I flied to the other side of the map.
3.Slow noclip back to the top.
5. :frowning:

Really annoying another cause:
1.Load up gmod.
2.Build a simple spaceship.
3.Equip with life support, shield and cloaking.
4.Get in the pod.
5.Get off the pod.
6.Fight against a contraption which I dled somewhere.
7.Run back to my spaceship.
8.Discover I can’t enter.
10.Me: :frowning: That contrapton: hahahhaalolz.

So, RagMod is EEEEEEEEEEEEVIL… May you post the contents of the lua folder? I hate to download the addon again to delete it.


Also, the bug happens even if you’re in a vehicle while moving at high-speed.