Cant get models to work. (Yeah its that thread again)

Hi, i really need theese models to work.

The Pyramid Head model(and his blade) is just turning up invisible in the game and i think one time i got the model to work, but the texture didnt load.

Cant make theese models to work either.

The only help i have found is the linked short tutorial:

So if someone could link anything helpful or make some kind of step by step explanation.

If you teach a noob how to fish…

-The Epic Man


Seconding OP. Same problem, and I can’t find a fix. Either just posters left hanging or “nvm, fixed it” with no explanation.

Invisible, ghostly ragdolls. Others have fixed it, so what’s the fix?

More info: After I spawn this invisible ragdoll, the console says- “MDLCache: Failed load of .VVD data for nexuselite/Faith.mdl”

so it’s a problem with the .vvd file. What’s the fix?

Bumping, because I’ve been searching for an answer to this problem for weeks. Is there a way to fix it so there’s a SUCCESSFUL load of VVD data? This isn’t my model, I didn’t edit it, hex it, or anything. It just won’t show up.

Try re-downloading it (some files may be corrupt or something from unzipping or transfer), if that doesn’t help, try messing with your game settings to see if you can get it working (higher settings tend to be better, but not always). Other than that i’m not sure why else it wouldn’t work for you but does for others.

I’ve re-downloaded it several times, and played with the in-game settings too, and it’s not seeming to have an effect. Any console-entered setting changes that you know of that might work?

Thanks for responding!

Bumping again, not to be an ass, but because I really want to fix this.

More info: The runner bag that was in the pack also has a VVD problem- its issue manifests by spawning as a transparent “ERROR” then disappearing.

Here’s an odd question- if I were to try and replace the VVD from Faith with one from, say, the Faith playermodel (which I have, it works, but its ragdoll isn’t face- or fingerposable) would that resolve the issue? Or if I were to download the nude Faith and use its VVD to replace the original Faith’s?

Does anyone know how to fix this? Like the OP said, teach a n00b to fish…