Can't get npc_fastzombie movement to work.

I’m working on a map, and when the player enters a room, as soon as you enter, there is supposed to be a fast zombie that leaps off a ledge, runs across the room and jumps over a few obstacles, then climbs up a pipe on the other side. I have watched this tutorial:, and also read this tutorial: but have had no luck whatsoever.

Here’s a cross section of my map, and some lines to show exactly what I want to happen. Zombie jumps down from 1 to 2, jumps from 2 to 3, runs from 3 to 4, jumps from 4 to 5, runs from 5 to 6, and finally climbs from 6 to 7

When the player steps on the trigger to start the scripted sequence, the zombie just starts to walk around aimlessly. The developer community page on fastzombies says that jump calculations are based off nodes, and I’ve got plenty. I also have my climb nodes on the wall on the right… even placing the zombie right next to the wall he needs to climb, he wont climb it. I really need to know how I can fix this because I’ve read all the tutorials I can find on this.

What flags do you have checked on the scripted sequences, and how far are they apart? They can’t be too far, or else NPCs for some reason won’t go to them and do their intended actions.

no flags on the scripted sequence. I only have one. From all the tutorials I’ve seen, they only used one scripted sequence to have a zombie climb a pipe. none of them showed how to make a zombie jump though

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He will jump off the ledge and leap across one gap if I put the scripted sequence at part 4. But if I move it any further he wont do anything. If I set the next scripted sequence to 6, he will stop running when he gets to the first scripted sequence, turn around. then teleport to the second scripted sequence. if I put the second scripted sequence on part 7, he wont do anything after touching the first.

Still no progress. Anyone got any ideas? I’ve even made a test map with nothing but a room and a wall to climb. Nothing I do will make that zombie climb