cant get on gm_flatgrass or gm_construct multiplayer servers

:psypop: the title says it all. i cant get on multiplayer darkrp servers that are either of those two maps. im on a mac. anybody know whats wrong?

You need to give more information. To start:
Do you get any errors when you try to join? does it crash as soon as you try?
Can you play singleplayer on those two maps?

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In before “there’s your problem”.

heres what happenes. right before sending client info, garrys mod crashes. for example, right after downloading all the things, it stalls for about 2 minutes, then shuts off. oh, and i can get on singleplayer just fine

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well is there something specific that isnt letting me get on either type of server? i really wanna play darkrp.

Try a server joining a different server that’s running darkRP on another map, say rp_downtown.

so wait… because i have a mac… i… I HAVE PROBLEMZ? OH MY GOD, THAT EXPLAINS A LOT.

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well, the thing is, i really like this one server, and i used to be able to play on it. but not anymore. dunno why.

Oh wow, you’re an idiot.

youre one to talk. i asked how i could fix it. not what to do. i have plenty of other servers to go on, but there is one in particular i really like. so go stfu and sulk your head in retard juice like you normally do.


The fuck is retard juice?

dont ask me. he invented it.

I can’t tell you how to fix it if I don’t know whats causing the problem. The information you gave me wasn’t enough to figure out what that problem was, hence why I told you to join a different DarkRP server.

that doesnt mean you call someone an idiot.

He’s kinda being a dick to you when you’re trying to help him anyway.

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You should just tell him more about the problem if you want help, rather than arguing over one post.

I called you an idiot because you thought the fact you had a mac was your problem.

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“In before” meens “I’m saying this before anyone else says this”. People around here generally hate on macs a lot.

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I called you an idiot because you thought the fact you had a mac was your problem.

just so you know, i was using sarcasm

You’re not being clear when you’re answering my questions. Quote this post and answer these questions in yes/no format.

Are you able to:
Join any other multiplayer server?
Join a darkrp server running a map that is not the two you are having problems with?
Join a non-darkrp server running the two maps in question?
Play a singleplayer game of darkrp on the maps in question?
Host a local darkrp server on the maps in question?

Is your gmod pirated? If it is then that would be the cause of your entire problem and any help you ask for would be a waste of time for you.

Also try deleting the maps from your map folder.