cant get out of menu

so when you’re in game and you press esc how do you get out? if i press play game it shows up a thing labeled servers with nothing on it and quit does nothing as well :I

Since it’s running in a browser right now, all you gotta do is either close the browser or go to another page. There is no “Quit” button yet.

Nope, he’s talking about a bug after the recent server wipe, where you go into options to change a setting, and then you cannot resume your game again without signing out (or closing the tab) and signing in again. A real PITA. They are more than likely aware of this or it has been fixed already! :slight_smile:

well i had the same, just as long as you dont click "play game’ you’ll be fine. The server browser ingame is buggy as f***.
What also seemed to bug out is that when your playing small windowed i cant seem to click the options. you have to make the window bigger (not fullscreen) and then you can click it again.

ALso, default mouse options seem to be inverted?!?! have to change it everytime after a crash.

Just press esc, works for me.