Can't get particles working in CSGO

Hey for my current cs global offensive map I am having trouble getting any particles to appear. I feel I am missing something huge. I am putting an info_particle_system in the map and then choosing a name from the ones on this page: I have checked all the flags like start on etc but can’t get ANY particle to appear.

The effects I want are: a jet of bubbles, a water spray/ impact (to go at the bottom of a waterfall), a floating dust particle effect, and if possible, some kind of underwater sun ray refraction effect

Are you using the Orange Box engine branch? I don’t think that has support for newer engine particles.

I don’t know? I’m using counterstrike global offensive SDK…

Did you add it to the manifest?

Umm, no? That might be the huge thing I’m missing?

The issue is, CSG:GO doesn’t have some (most) of those. They get rid of all the hl2 and CSS content (except for some) and base the newer game assets on L4D2.

Extract the pcf files from the VPK pak01_dir (use gcfscape) and use that to see what particles are in CS:GO.