Cant get PHX running

Hi,i have a Windows dedicated server,now i installed PHX in addons in
When i start running my server and i try to come in it just lets me in and dont download anything.
and theres no PHX in the server.
i have also Pro Builders pack with lots of items and this too dosent show up in the server.
whats the problam?
sorry for my english if theres any mistakes =\

When you put PHX on a server, it won’t ( fortunately ) download anything. Imagine downloading more than 500 mb for a client?

However, if you tried to spawn something and it didn’t work, verify your info.txt, download the SVN version instead of the " packs " made by some users.

I can’t stress this enough…

Anyway, PHX is not an addon that will download it’s models and materials from the server. If you don’t have PHX on your client, you will not be able to spawn/see the models on your server. If you do have it on your client and it’s not showing on the server, you either haven’t installed it correctly, or you have some old “pack” version. USE SVN!