Cant get rust to work

I cant seem to understand why my computer restarts every time i play rust even on lowest quality i have a GeForce GTX 960 and i’m certain i should be able to run rust on best graphics anyone have any ideas on why this might be?

What version of your Nvidia graphics drivers do you have installed?

Also, what CPU/GPU temperatures do you get while running Rust?

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what i meant to say was that idk how to check the temperatures but i dont overheat while running arma 3 on best graphics

Download SpeedFan. It’s safe and free.

Whether or not you overheat on Arma 3 is irrelevant to whether you overheat on Rust. We’re not talking about Arma 3.

For example, for a while Rust did not have a frame limiter, which meant it would work your GPU as hard as it could go; a few people reported video card failure due to Rust’s stress-test effect. Let that sink in: Rust has allegedly melted video cards. However if a video card dies from overheating there was some other failure along the way since the driver should never let it overheat, so it’s not actually Rust’s fault.

specs wouldn’t go astray either.

i have downloaded it

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so when i choose automatic fan speed it will configure my fan speed according to the temperature?

it still does this even after ive downloaded speedfan

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so noone can help?


SpeedFan won’t change how your computer works.

SpeedFan can TELL YOU WHAT YOUR TEMPERATURES ARE. If your machine is getting hot, you’ll be able to see in SpeedFan. The cause of the problems may not be a temperature issue, but SpeedFan is a fast way of telling what your temperatures are.

grandma99z if you want to get help you need to describe your problem properly.

  • What OS do you use?
  • What are your cpu and ram?
  • At what exact point does rust stop working?
  • Did you consider your firewall/antivirus/router interfering with the game?
  • Did you try validating your rust files in the library properties?
  • There has to be some way to get logs. you’ll need to google yourself how to make rust write an error log file. Post that error log here and you will help others aswell or just google parts of it

i had problems with rust crashing to for me i found out that windows was parking my cores so i removed that and rust runs like a dream