Can't get SWEP to replace TTT Crowbar

I’m have a little trouble getting the Nuka Breaker (or really any weapons for that matter) to work from this pack.
I have it set up to replace the crowbar for certain admins but it always spawns as an error and doesn’t do anything other than make a click noise.
I’m not going to post code,
mostly because the only real thing I want is to get the model working for world and player view, <—
but also because I deleted my trashy try at it.
If you desperately need me to, I can try to recreate it, but my base is from weapon_zm_improvised, so that should give something to go on.

Doesn’t even have to be from this pack, I’m just trying to get something different than a light saber.
Done a lot of looking around and just can’t seem to find any help for this.

Any light that could be shed on the subject would be awesome! Thanks.