Can't get the console to work

my friend and i have ben trying to play on our servers but we cant get the console to work! we have checked of the console thing in the advanced options and we have written -console in to the launtch properties. the console opens when we go in to a game but we can’t close or write enything inn it. When we exit a game the console disapears, i can get the console up in other games! we have tried to open with the button that is suposed to open the console but it does not work!

me and my friend bought gmod yesterday.

Please Help!!! me and my friend realy want to play together :frowning:

Sorry for the bad writing, i am from Norway.

Did you hit ~?

Some people have found a fix for this by rebounding the console key to something else, give that a shot

i have, several times

Write ";toggleconsole in chat while playing on a Server
then bind it to any key you want

thanks so mutch