cant go on gmod/steam!

for some reason i cannot go onto steam or gmod or left 4 dead etc
instead i get this error pop up saying:

Steam.exe (main exception): CMultiFieldBlob(pSerialized): partial field header at end of record

What do i have to do to go back on steam/gmod etc…

This is a steam issue, not a Gmod issue. I suggest asking on the steam support site for more help…

Delete everything in the Steam folder but steamapps and steam.exe, after that run Steam, it’ll redownload all the deleted files and hopefully fix it.

Try what I suggested in

well, it was sort of a gmod issue, but i went on the help and searched for a answer and got 1 thnx


i was thinking of doing this but i would of probaly deleted something that i shouldnt of deleted


i see im not the only person with this error then thank god


thnx for the help you guys!