Can't go to thirdperson while in a seat/tdmcars or any HL2 vehicle

Hey guys, recently I have been unable to go to thirdperson using ctrl while using a seat, tdmcars or any other entity that uses that for thirdperson. I am not sure why. I have all the TDMcars packs installed, along with SCars, along with simple thirdperson. I don’t know what’s wrong here.

Go into gmod settings and check your keybind for ctrl.

Currently the only key that ctrl is binded to is duck. There is no option for vehicle thirdperson. Any way to bind it in the console?

Duck is the key for that, if it doesn’t work, one of your addons or the gamemode prevents it from working.

Well, I can duck, but cant use the thirdperson in vehicles. Do you know any addons that do this?

Any other third person view addon can cause that.

Hmm, I disabled simple thirdperson but It didn’t fix it. Here is all the addons I have: keep in mind I’m not currently using all of these.

I am not going through 400 addons for you.
Disable all of them and check if it fixes the issue.

Sorry I have too many addons… Anyway, I disabled a few and It worked. It was a conflict. Thanks for the help!

Any idea what it was?

I run my server on my friend’s server tower at home. If I delete and redownload it’ll make his connection buffer probably all day since the server is full of giant addons,

Anyway, thanks for reading.