Can't Hear Certain sounds in game.

I tried to see if there was already a thread about this and didn’t find anything. Since the last patch I have not been able to hear furnaces, camp fires, lanterns, airdrops and whos know what other noises I’m missing out on right now. I know other people who are having this problem as well. I assume that this is a large issue a lot of people are having. Any fixes?


the most Sound are disabled. But with the next Patch it will be come back.

here Info from

"Return of ambiance

After a very short stint in the game, ambient sounds (you know, birds chirping, water flowing, wind blowing) were disabled several weeks ago due to an issue in the Unity audio engine causing client freezes. These sounds have now been re-enabled by default (along with a gulp from Garry). I really hope the issue in Unity has been fixed because it’s amazing what a difference a little ambiance makes to the immersion of the game."

Hmmm ok this is still strange, because some people on my server have told me they are having the same problem as me(not being able to hear fires, furnaces and lanterns etc.) and others say they can still hear those just fine.

Furnace/fire sounds missing has been fixed on dev for most of the week and will be good to go as soon as the update rolls out :slight_smile: