Can't hear other players in GMOD?!

Here is a link to show what is going on:
I tried everything known to man. I did the console stuff (Didn’t work), I reinstalled the game w/ no cloud stuff on (Didn’t Work), I deleted everything in the gmod folder and then reinstalled (Did Not Work), and I looked at all my audio settings (Everything is perfectly fine).
Everything used to be fine before I deleted the server stuff in the gmod Folder (Don’t think that should affect anything since I reinstalled the game 5 times!). I honestly do think it could be because I changed my headphones to earbuds but I can hear everything besides the players. My voice does work but I can’t hear other voices
P.S. There is a folder in my gmod called Awesomium or something like that and I have never heard of it before. If I delete will it break my game?

Do not delete Awesomium.

When people talk, can you see their name’s in the top right?
if you do voice_loopback 1 in console, can you hear yourself?
What exactly did you delete? ( the server stuff )
Have you tried several servers and not just one?

I contacted support and they said developers are aware of issue and are working on a fix other than that awe are SOL