Can't host a listen server anymore


I’ll start by clarifying that I’m not a newb and have racked in 252 hours in Gmod, probably 245 of those have been on my own listen server.

I start up Gmod today, after noticing an update from yesterday and thought how long it had been since I’ve played. I go to host for some friends and have tried everything, but can’t host my server anymore.

[li]I have the ports forwarded.[/li][li]I don’t have a firewall blocking it.[/li][li]I also deleted everything and can’t host with a fresh install.[/li][li]I’ve tried doing sv_lan 0 and changing the level[/li][/ul]
System specs if it matters:

[li]AMD Phenom X6 2.8GHz[/li][li]2gb DDR3 1333[/li][li]GeForce GTX 260[/li][li]Win7 32 bit[/li][/ul]
Anyone know what could be wrong?

The firmware on our router changed and had port triggering or something as the default port page. Triggering does not open them for incoming and outgoing.