Can't host a private server?

Every time I host a private server, my friend says it shows up as ‘Server not responding’. I have a static ip setup on my computer and I have forwarded these ports:

4380 - 4380: UDP & TCP
27000 - 27050: UDP & TCP

Everywhere I go it says to forward those or forward some ports in between those but it still doesn’t work. I have it excepted in windows fire wall and everything. The only way I was ever able to host a private server was disconnecting my router. Any idea what to do?

No clue.

Yea, give your friends your external IP, . Tell them to type connect <your ip> in console. If they connect its working fine. If they join off of friends you cant connect if its a internet server thats home hosted. If it doesn’t, make sure the ports the server is set to are open.

Well he just looks at what server I’m in off of my friends list and it says it’s not responding. I have sv_lan to 0 and everything. Are there not other ports that need connecting? When I join some servers, at the end of the ip it says ‘:27050’ meaning that it uses that port. So I’m stumped.

Borderlands has the same problem. What is happening is that you are telling steam that you are playing on the IP that is returned by your computer. You need to tell your friend your router’s IP so that he can connect.

Your internal IP, the 192 one, cannot be reached by your friend.

Enjoy my visual explanation.


have your friend type in console:

connect <YOUR IP>

Lol, thanks but that confused me. I will tell him to just connect through the console. I’ll say back if it works.