Can't host a server


I have an issue. Whenever I try and host a server in GMod, my friends trying to join always get the “Server is not responding” message and the same thing happens when I try and join their server.

Could somebody be kind enough to either a) point me to tutorial of some sort that explains how to properly set up a server or b) give me any tips on how you go about creating a server.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

A server not responding message usually means that you and/or your friends have routers and/or have firewalls enabled. To fix the router part of problem, you need to enable and setup port forwarding (or be quick and lazy and use DMZ), but I don’t know the ports for Garry’s mod (search the forums or google it). The firewall part of the problem involves a similar process. You need to allow the program full access to work.
A very “quick” and dirty alternative (if this is meant to be a private server) is to have every one install Hamachi and/or turn off your firewall(s). Hamachi is a free VPN that basically puts everyone connected to a hamachi server on a VLAN, generally improving latency as it peer2peer.

I’ll try the Hamachi method since I am already familiar with it.

Thanks for the help.

As mentioned above make sure your ports are open, use to check, but there is another common mistake people do mostly when they host listen servers… not sure if this is the case or not but its worth a shot.

Make sure your giving them your WAN ip to connect with (The IP assigned by your ISP)… use a site like to find it, or you can find it by other means. Give your friends that ip to connect with, have them add your server to their favorites list or use the connect command in console.

Most of the time people try joining through steam friends (When you join a friends game through steam), when your connected to a local server or when you create a listen server it will try to connect your friends to your local ip (ex 192.168.X.X).

So be sure to give them your WAN address and not your local ip, if that still fails recheck your ports ( sometimes it’s something small you forgot to do) and make sure your ISP is not blocking any ports… most of the time you don’t have to worry so there is no need to use Hamachi, unless for any reason your ISP is blocking ports or your behind some firewall you cannot open ports on.

Thanks to both of you for all of your help.