Cant host server.

I made server ,first dedicated then listen ,but neither worked.I followed all steps exactly ,used sv_lan 0 and heartbeat ,seen it in lan and fave tab.But when anyone tried to join the server didnt respond.My ports are forwarded ,any help?

Make sure, he isn’t going View Game Info, because that uses your Computers IP. Goto and give it to him but put the :27015 at the end. (It’s usually 27015, its the port.).

Already tried this.

Try 27016, sometimes its a different port. Try 27017 too.

It wrote 27015 in srcds


You need to read

Hmm, what ports are open? It should be: 27015 UDP + TCP and 27020 UDP.

27000-27040 and 1200

try i dunno what the ports are.