Can't include addon files?

So I have the following addon on my server -

But no matter what is the path of the included files (in init) I get the following errors -

I’ve tried to check what’s happening and it seems like the addon files are not being loaded or something.
Help would be really appreciated.


No, the addon is badly coded and that’s why it errors.

It tries to use a LOCAL variable HROUNDS ( A local variable only exists in the file it is defined in ) in file sh_func.lua in another file, which obviously will not work.

ok, but why does it can’t include the cl_init?

Because there’s an error. Errors in lua will generally stop execution.

Well, but of course that HROUND will be nil, cl_init can’t be found.
My question is why cl_init can’t be found.

It isn’t AddCSLuaFiling it to the client from what I can see.