Can't install server mods

I recently bought a Rust server on Nitrous Networks. I was wondering how to install mods on it. It already has Rust++ and Rust Essentials, and gives me the option to install Oxide. I install Oxide, yet it never works, although I restart the server and stop/start it. Also, I’d like to install Airdrop Caller, which is not one of Nitrous Networks’ listed mods. I downloaded “airdropcaller.lua” and put it in the “Plugins” folder, located inside the “rust_server_Data” folder. Help would be much appreciated.

Some mods are not compatible with others. What Oxide mods are you running with Rust++? I’m not sure, but I think Rust++ and oxide don’t run well together. You should visit the rust++ and Oxide forums for more info.

Ah, Yes! Rust essentials and Oxide are incompatible.