Can't interact with panels

This just started a couple weeks ago.
When I open point shop, or anything where the gui is structured similarly, I can’t click anything.
No errors and nothing changed.

I’ve reinstalled GMod and and reverted the key map to default, and still no luck.

Any ideas?

EDIT: This happens on servers as well as locally. It’s like the panels aren’t getting focus.

Problem still happening, but only with panels like Pointshop and voting in DarkRP.

Anyone know where to start looking?

Are they from mods or what?

Re-validate local game cache for TF2, GMod, and your server.

Make sure to do all your testing using SRCDS ( easy to set up ):

Mostly mods, yes.
It seems to be any GUI that isn’t built on DFrame, and just on DPanel.
I can click on DFrame based GUI.

And it’s not just on my server, it’s on any server that has addons with GUI built like that.

I’m pretty sure it’s an issue with my client not allowing focus to the panels, but I’ve reinstalled and wiped the bind file to no avail.