Can't Join A Server *HELP*

Hello, I bought Rust today, and installed it around 2 hours ago, I loaded the game up, and when the servers started Loading, I went to Official. I found a US server with around 20 slots still open, so I joined it. It said Loading the map 2013 or something, then all this stuff about trees growing. Then after that was done, it just sits on the Loading screen forever, saying iti s ‘‘Waiting for server’’. Any suggestions? I realize this is early Alpha, but would like to play :).


I tried it using F1, and this is what happened. Well, when I put that in, it seemed to be working, then this red wall of spamville pops up, saying over and over again, RenderTexture.Create failed: format unsupported, then this white text, skipped rendering frame because gfx(something) device is in invalid state (device lost). any help lol.

Any help? I realize this is Early Alpha, but I didn’t pay 20 bucks for a fancy Rust logo on my desktop. Before any of the idiots out there reply with ‘‘Alpha’’, put yourself in my shoes, you can play, I can’t.