Can't join a server on experimental

Anybody know the problem? I want to see what they’re doing with the game.

Not sure, I haven’t been able to join the server now after the last small update. I can see the server and it says there are 3 people playing in it, but I click away and nothing happens. Does anyone happen to know the IP to the one working experimental branch server?


yep, thanks. Actually came here to post that IP up as it’s working for me now. Just got done building a campfire/storage box bridge with about 10 other people.:smile:

Yeah. Was there doing same =) I like new graphic elements and effects, looks nice and colorfully.

Looks pretty nice but im getting terrible framerate performance on it. Guess back to waiting.

Joined one, it’s so laggy. Hopefully this isn’t the end product, i do not enjoy that fps drop.

Yeah mine has gone down to 5/10 fps, Totaly unplayable, but i got 300 hours so maybe its goodbye Rust time!

This is freaking hilarious.

The frame rate was about ten for me. I don’t think that the graphics quality setting works. I turned it all the way low and it didn’t change a thing. I’m betting that they will continue to update it until it is fixed…it is the EPERIMENTAL branch after all. But it does look pretty awesome!

yeah was afraid I was the only one getting the fps drop…

it says not to even use it. it’s called experimental for a reason. they even said it could possibly wipe your character on other servers.(im assuming this means servers you attempt to join with the experimental client installed)

harry did mention that you could disable it and when you do that the performance is going to be better than any previous versions