Can't join a server/solo game

Alright so everytime I try to join a server or solo I never join the server even after a lot of times… Gmod is not responding and I cannot play it. I always need to open the task manager and shut the game off and tell myself"guess i’ll never be able to play Gmod"


No one has the solution?:cry:

Does your game turn off by itself when you almost enter a server in the “Sending client info” phase? Do you have the latest version of Team Fortress 2?

like it freezes to retreiving game info and no, it doesnt turn himself off I have to manually turn it off

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What TF2 has to do with Gmod, I’m confused

The latest TF2 update broke Gmod, that might have been the cause of your problems.

I don’t even have tf2 installed