Can't join a TTT server!

Hey, so I was playing on a TTT server for a few hours, the server changed map so I waited, but it took longer than usual so I clicked cancel. later(5 minutes) when I tryed to find that server again it wasn’t in my history tab nor in the full server list, I asked my friend if he was having any problems connecting to it, but he said that it was fine for him and that he can connect, so I clicked to join his game (as he was in the server) but I kept getting the message “server not responding” I know the server is up, on game tracker it says its up and all of my friends can join it but I can’t seem to even be able to find it! I can join other servers just fine it just seems to be this one server that I cant join.

Anyone know how I can fix this?

Try getting the IP of that server and typing “connect iphere” in console.It it fails to connect restart gmod and retry, if that fails then there isn’t much you can do other than contact the owners of that server about it.