Can't join any of my servers

For some odd reason, I can’t join my (very empty) servers. I keep getting a buffer overflow in net message error. Any reason that keeps happening? No console errors on server or clientside at all.

What gamemode and addons installed?

What map also?

DarkRP, sandbox, doesn’t matter. We’ll use DarkRP for instance. Screenshot of the server in /addons:

This example is on downtown_v2.

Change the rates.

Tried that. It’s been doing it off and on for a while, never this bad though.

Remove simple prop protection?

SPP is fine lol, I doubt that’s causing it.

Are you trying to connect via LAN? Can anyone else join the server(s)? Can you connect if you disable all of the addons and select sandbox?

SPP spams nvars. Try a different one.

What would you suggest aside from that, for the same purpose? Purpose being, protecting people’s shit. Link would help too.

LAN and public IP. I’m updating wire right now, once that’s done and servers are back up I’ll have another person give it a shot. Maybe wire being a month or two outdated is the problem?


Seems like it’s just DarkRP that does it.

Still can’t join… Seems to be just DarkRP. See above screenshot of the /addons folder.

DarkRP comes with it’s own prop protection I thought, so you don’t need SPP.

As of when? And SPP doesn’t make a difference.

SPP only makes a difference once there’s many props or whatever about, as it sets a NWvar for each friggen prop.

Try Falco’s Prop protection, native support for DarkRP.

Also, I think you have outdated PCmod / PHX packs. Update them.

Not sure that PHX and whatnot is outdated, PCMod is definately updated, latest on And I suck with SVN.

How about this, can I give someone remote access to the box, and you can update some shit for me? I need admins, so helping with this would land you a position there.

PCMod uses SVN, not So then it’s out of date for sure.

Also, how can you not use SVN, it’s easy :doh:

I could help with that if you want

PM’d steam info.

Also, what is the SVN info for PHX, Wire and PCmod?

You should be using SVN for phx, wiremod, pcmod 2 and DarkRP.

DarkRP uses Falcos Prop Protection so SPP is useless.

I don’t see how you can’t figure out how to use SVN, here is the wiremod SVN guide, after using this I can guarantee you will understand how to use SVN. Or you can try a facepunch guide here.
Heres the SVN reposteries you need to use:

Pc mod:
Pc mod 2:
Dark rp:

Both pc mod and pc mod 2 links are above, only one is necessary :slight_smile:
Anytime a project uses Svn it will always be more up to date, phx3 and wiremod are updated often, and downloading all of that data every time is wasteful and time consuming.

Plus Svn DarkRP is way nicer.