Can't join any server - connection failed after 4 retries

This problem started today, everything was working fine yesterday. I try joining a server and it’ll just say “Connecting to server…” and after awhile an error message will say “Connecting failed after 4 retries.”. The multiplayer server list loads fine and I tried joining other servers and the problem still persists. I tried restarting gmod, restarting my computer, and disabling my firewall but it still happens. Any solution to this problem?

What have you installed and pressed since yesterday?
Does this happen of ALL servers?

Haven’t installed anything today, and I joined multiple servers so I’m probably sure it happens to all servers.

How can you join multiple servers if you having a problem with not being able to join servers and then tell me it happens to all servers.

Please go to the game, and try joining 5 random servers, on 5 random gamemoes.

Robotboy Can you go on my thread and help me out