Cant join community Servers..

Hello guys I just bought the game 5 minutes ago , when I try to join community servers it wont login , nothing happens it wont even say that it failed to login or anything.

I double click the server I want to join and it wont work. The only servers it can join is the ones in official list…

What’s wrong?

Also a friend sent me a IP for a server , where to put the ip to login to the server?

Check your console (F1)

to connect to an ip, type net.connect ip:port

if you’re already connected, type net.disconnect before your connection attempt

but what about the not being able to connect to community server?=

Show me whats in your console after trying to connect (F1)

nothing , it doesn’t even try to connect. I double click the servers and literally NOTHING happens

still need help!

Hmm, same issue as me

Except I cannot join anything.

really no1?

Still need help seriously…

amazing support