can't join comunity servers

I can’t join any comunity servers.
Could I get a helping hand?
I tryed it in DEV mode and normal mode.

I am in the same boat and I have commented on this already with no reply. I would love to play them seeing the smaller population.

have same problem here

Hit “F1” when at main menu. Type without quotes “net.connect SERVER IP:PORT” then hit enter. It will connect you to any server. Search for a good server on the forums here. Worked for me in the mean time while the menu doesn’t work. Hopefully that works for you!

ok ty

Same problem. Noticed that if you set the resolution high enough, and spam click furiously, it will sometimes work.

In the meantime, it seems the only real solution is connecting directly to IP via console.

Just double Right Click.

There is a solution , if you got a friend in a server that you want to join , once he login tell him to goto console or press F1 and check the ip
then you open the console and type "net.connect <ip> " without the hashtags.
If you are unable to join one…
then by all means come join my server , brand new PVP/nosleep 1/2 crafting time…
net.connect :slight_smile: