Can't Join DarkRP Server - Buffer Overflow Error

I tried rebooting, but for some reason, I keep getting a “buffer overflow in net message” error when I try to join any of my DarkRP servers. I tried joining at least ten times. How do I fix this?

Its not on your end. It’s the server.

Like I said, they’re my servers. DarkRP 2.3.7. How do I fix it?

Like I said, its the server. If too much stuff is happening in a server, like spacebuild servers where giant spaceships with hundreds of props are created, you get this message.

I JUST started it. The map is empty.

myinfo_bytes 526
should fix it.

Um? Care to explain?

here you go.
8192 is an option but 526 is plenty, 8192 is just overkill.

myinfo_bytes is an unknown command it says.

It’s still happening… Nobody at all is able to join.

post your results.

That has nothing to do with it… but alright.

It’s not related to speed.

What prop protection are you using?