Can't join friends game - but only sometimes :S

He has forwarded the required ports, his firewall is turned off. It works for us some of the time when he creates a game (not dedicated) and we can join fine.

When it doesn’t work, we still see him on the server list fine, and he has a non-local ip in “view game info”, we see a valid ping, and the fact that he is in the game, it looks flawless from the server list.
Then when we try to join it falls at the first hurdle “connecting to server” it fails after 4 tries.

I’m pretty computer / network savvy, doing a degree in computer science, I don’t understand why it works some of the time and not others…

Resetting the router / computer does nothing it appears. It just seems to work about 50% completely fine, and for the other 50% we just can’t connect…

Any ideas?

It is Gmod Exclusive:
We just tried a counter strike source game immediately after gmod didn’t work, css worked fine.
It’s a problem with gmod I am sure.

Well steam had fucked up since some recent updates especialy after the new UI…guess you could just wait…
Also does this problem apear in any other steam games your playing and is it only for your friends server?

He does have a static IP adress. right?

Just gmod it seems.


He doesn’t.
It shouldn’t be neccessary anyway.

Well, his local IP is static, always

When I say IP adress, I mean the local one.

Well if he does have one, I can’t help, i had this problem, but fixed it by giving myself a static local IP.

Sorry, posted in wrong thread. My bad >.>

It has to be a gmod / engine gmod runs on problem, css works fine and if I remember correctly uses the same ports.

It has always been like this for me on any server I’ve ever used.
The owner is connecting on a local IP, so it shows a local IP. If he was outside the LAN, he would join through an external IP, thus allowing others to join him.
Just ask him for his external IP and use the connect command.

Rated bad reading.