Can't join into a Server

New issue i have since steam switch is when it loads server list sometimes it loads only IP addresses… when that happens I always get stuck at connecting… I have to keep loading/closing until i get the words to pop up rather than the IP’s thenI connect just fine.

Hey there,

same problem for me. Located in Germany, provider is Kabel Deutschland with static IP. Other guys had the same problem, they managed to log in Central EU with a new IP (restart Router) on other providers. Maybe this helps some guys!

Could it be, that there is a kind of IP blocking bug on the server?

They will fix it in next version release of rust check there trello.

wait, what ?

Look at the rust trello page… it will be fixed when the next version of the game will be released.

2 days i was play in home without problems, when i back to student house problem back, and i cannot join to EU servers…

This is still a problem for many ppl.

Yep, I get this error every time I open rust. It’s really starting to shit me. It just hangs forever at the connecting screen.
It sometimes works when I open rust.exe as an administrator, then I open it through steam, I think I still get the error, but it connects and joins the server instead of hanging at the connecting screen.