Can't join multiplayer servers

Hi !

I bought the game on Steam yesterday and I didn’t manage yet to connect to any server. The singleplayer mode is working well though.

My servers list is just a blank page, even when I try to refresh and wait.
The Legacy Browser can’t find any server (no filter, refreshing complete).

When I try to connect via the console with an IP address found on Gametracker for example, the connection fails “after 4 retries”.
Same thing when I try to join a server via the Steam’s servers list.

I’m searching through the Internet since yesterday and I wasn’t able to find any fix.
What could cause this bug ? Is there a way to fix it ?

Thanks in advance,

You game is being blocked by one or more of your firewalls. Most likely the windows firewall.

I tried to disable my Windows firewall and Avast but with no success :confused:

Any clue ?

The same thing is happening to me. I check my firewall and it is not connected.