Cant join my favorite server anymore?

I have been playing on a RP server for a while and last week it just stopped joining. When i join i see the server screen with info and rules, but it just hangs on retrieving server info, the bars dont even move. When i wait for a long time it says i timed out. also when i try to see who is in the server it says like 7/33 but then i cant see who is in there.
please help?

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I also already tried to Reinstall garrys mod, but that did nothing

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Anyone got any idea at all?

Ask the owner. If you can join other servers fine, then there’s something wrong on their end most likely.

Sounds like either your network is blocking their IP, or their network is blocking your IP. Although, if that would be the case, you shouldn’t be able to even ping their server, so this is pretty unusual.

Well, check through your firewall and do as code_gs said and get in touch with the server owner or an admin.